Speak is a game in which you make language. You assume the role of a creature that works behind the scenes to alter the sounds, words and meanings of human language. Naturally, being a god of language is an enormous task, which is why you are assisted by the Glots, the loyal language spirits who depend on you for their survival.

About the developer

Speak is a one-man development project. By some freak alignment of the planets, I am a professional game developer despite having had no formal education in that field to speak of. In fact, I once graduated with a Master’s degree in linguistics, after which I promptly changed course and went into game development. Of course, those two interests could only coexist in the same brain for so long before they resulted in the game you are reading about right now. During the more socially acceptably work hours, I work at LuGus Studios. (You may have heard of LuGus’ latest project: Liftoff, a realistic drone racing game. Be sure to take a gander if you haven’t.)

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